Pedaling fearlessly across the Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats cyclist, Denise Meuller made history. On September 12, 2016, Denise set the women’s land speed record on a bicycle. Hoehn Adventures was with her all the way, as our Range Rover Sport SVR paced Mueller to a 147.75 mph- the new female speed record!

In the same way previous men’s records have been set, Mueller was first towed then paced by the Range Rover to allow her legs to turn the enormous single gear over under her power. A custom faring was attached to the Range Rover, allowing Mueller and her custom bike to draft closely in the slipstream until she is released under her own power.

“We jumped at the chance to be the vehicle supporting Denise in her record-setting ride,” said Jo Hannah Hoehn, General Manager of the Hoehn Auto Group’s Land Rover Carlsbad. “With Land Rover having the fastest commercially available SUV on the market, it makes sense it would be the vehicle to pace with Denise.”

Denise and Hoehn Adventures are already making plans to break the men’s world-speed record next year.

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